Our Services

From the moment you begin your working life until the day you retire, you are preparing for a lifetime with your assets. There is no way to know what you will experience along this financial journey. Through every twist and turn, we all need a light at the end to guide us toward our goals. Prosser Financial Group wants to be that light for your financial journey. Our team works with clients from day one to prepare goals for the different phases of the journey. We seek to improve your current situation as you accumulate wealth for the future. When your retirement approaches, we transfer your assets into a sustainable distribution cycle while beginning trust preparations and estate discussions. Like a lighthouse that continues to light the shore, we want to illuminate your entire financial journey, from now through retirement.

Wealth Accumulation

Retirement is looming ahead but you are unsure how much money you will need to save. Your loved ones are depending on you for the lifestyle you currently provide, and will continue to count on you in the future. There is a lot you can’t foresee – but you want to be prepared. While voyaging through life, you need a plan for saving during the calm and riding out the storms when they come. You need a beacon to guide you through the journey into retirement. Our experienced team at Prosser Financial Group can assist with retirement income and estate planning to help ensure a safe, comfortable end to your working journey.

Asset Distribution

You did it! You made it to retirement and have reached your asset saving goal. Now what? How do you use your assets during retirement? What happens if you need a new car or want to move into a new home? Plan for your retirement income needs with some common sense guidance for the big goals and little details. Just because you made it to retirement doesn’t mean you are done managing your assets. We want to continue to guide you through every goal, big or small. You’ve worked hard for your retirement – and should enjoy it.

Legacy Creation

You have loved ones that you want to be taken care of. You have causes that you care about. You know that someday you won’t be around. This knowledge is the key to creating a legacy that reflects your interests. Prosser Financial Group believes a revocable trust is essential to help ensure that assets transfer to loved ones in the most efficient manner – and we partner with attorneys and CPAs to make this happen. We can also assist with creating a charitable giving plan for legacy. Your assets were gathered along a hard-run journey and it should go to work for you and your loved ones.