Our Firm

Prosser Financial Group is an independent financial services firm founded in 2005 by Daniel L. Prosser,CFP®. Dan served as a financial advisor with Prudential for 25 years before founding Prosser Financial Group with the intent to provide common sense solutions to the issues that keep people awake at night. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, the Prosser team prides itself on delivering superior client service.

Wealth management is about more than investments – it’s about people. Founder Dan Prosser says, “We treat clients the way we ourselves want to be treated.” Prosser Financial Group models all of its advice and services around their clients. They offer a common sense approach that no longer seems all that common.

Investment Beliefs

Advance and protect by utilizing our investment strategy for combing trend identification and high-performance portfolio selection to accommodate goals of prospering in bull markets and protecting principal in bear markets.

Plan and prepare for changing markets, knowing that anything can happen.

Identify and adapt to changing market trends – trends can last for years at a time. The key is to identify each trend as soon as possible and adapt to it.

Technical analysis works as a guide for our decisions – we use proven methods for our advising.

Performance persists as strengths and weaknesses are more likely to continue in the direction they are going than suddenly reverse.

Stick to the game plan in the heat of the moment – reevaluate during the calm.